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Jim Phillips

Jim was born in California and has lived in Hawaii, Boston,  and now in Raleigh North Carolina. Jim truly brings a worldly view to the triangle through his stone sculpture, traditional instruments, and tribal masks.

Rainbow sandstone, lava stone, soapstone, marble, limestone, alabaster, serpentine, and the list could go on for some of his favorite media to work with in creating new sculptures.  Outdoor stone sculptures are in the form of birdbaths, fountains, lava planters, and primitive heads.  As a self-taught artist, Jim is inspired by Jose De Creeft, Henry Moore, and Isamu Noguchi.  Chiseling, direct stone carving, diamond burs and blades, and oil finish are the techniques and tools used to create the faces, birds, fish, and other sculptures carved in stone.                

   "I like sculpting North Carolina stone because it has been over-looked as a sculpting material.  It forms in small veins and was quarried very little.  Each stone has it's unique characteristics that appear only during the polishing process. No two are the same!  I hope to continue to follow the muse and co-create with a Power greater than myself."

​Take a walk through Jim’s responsibly grown Bamboo forest and see the black bamboo, Moso bamboo and Bory bamboo used to create the abstract outdoor art, pergolas, low arched bamboo border fences and trellises and flutes. His retro plant holders are cut by hand with a Japanese bamboo saw, heat treated with a torch, and coated with wood sealer to help  keep these creations lasting in the elements. 

​Jim’s gourd art is in a folk art style. His masks are whimsically embellished with found objects such as beads, sea urchin spines and buffalo teeth.

Please look below to view my portfolio of past and current works. If you see a piece you would like to inquire about, feel free to send me a message or give me a call. I would love to hear from you! 



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